Monday, 23 March 2015



1.EAR PROBLEM: Put small salt and honey in hot water when it cools put 2 drops into the ear before going to bed.

2.HAIR BREAKAGE: Mix honey with olive oil place it on fire to warm it, then treat your hair with it then wash after 10-15 minutes by using warm water.

3.TYPHOID: Mix Aloe-Vera juice with garlic juice then put lime juice and honey 3-spoons in the morning and evening.

4.RHEUMATISM: Grind galic,lime
juices,honey,palm kernel oil, mix them together properly, be using it to massage the affected part of the body after you must have used hot water to press the part then take two spoon before going to

5.FOR GOOD ERECTION : Slice three big onions add small water then cock for 10-15 minutes when the onion is soft, extract the juice, mix with honey
of the same quantity, then cook again for 5-10 minutes. Then store it in a bottle when it cools 2-3 spoons in the morning and evening after meal.

6.COUGH: Grind dried bitter kola and mix with honey, lime juice, palm oil, 2-3 spoon morning, afternoon and evening.

7.BOOSTING OF SEMEN: Mix five spoon of honey with one raw local egg, one spoon of grinned
ogbono – Irvingia gabonensis(GOOGLE), if you like put milk take it once do this just three times in a month is enough [that is a booster for you].

8.ASTHMA: Mix snail water with honey. One spoon in the morning and evening.

9.IRREGULAR MENSTRUATION: A week to your period be putting Aloe-Vera juice and honey in hot water for drinking one small cup in the morningand afternoon.

10.BURNS: Apply honey to the affected part immediately to avoid wounds.

11.WOUND: Wash the surface of the wound very well then be applying mixture of honey and aloe-Vera juice.

12.ULCER: Take three spoons of honey everymorning, an hour before breakfast.

13.BEDWETTING: Squeeze bitter leaf and scent leaf with water, with the addition of salt, then remove the water and and mix honey with it a cup not more than a tin of milk in the morning and in the evening before going to bed.

14.ABDOMINAL PAIN AFTER DELIVERY: Add 3 spoon of honey to hot water and use it to press the stomach of the woman and take 2- spoons of honey 3 times daily.

15.HYPERTENSION: Use snail water, honey, lime juice to cook garlic, Ginger pepper ,for 10-15 minutes, then remove the liquid. Use 2 spoons after break-fast.

16.SLEEPLESSNESS: Mix five spoons of honey with one cold pure water then take once and go to bed.

17.CATARRH: Mix lime juice with honey 3 spoons in the morning, afternoon and evening.

18. MEASLES: Extract bitter leaf juice, mix with honey, palm oil and alcohol use it to rub all the body and take two spoons in the morning and night.

19. TOMMY TUCKING: Take a glass of warm water with honey and aloe-Vera or garlic.

20.WITHLOW: Honey, palm oil, lime juice with grinned bean[5-10] mix them together properly be applying it on the affected part by the help of cotton wool.
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