Monday, 23 March 2015



OSO... also called money rituals or blood money. Some people don't know the differences between oshole and awure.. oso is what they use human being for the preparation of the wealth... and some of the results of oso it's. . E.g.. to see money inside big pot by chanting the name of the person you used. The money will dissappear inside the pot within some hours. And also can be used by sending ghost or spirit of such person to goto the bank or anywhere to bring u huge money.. or carried calabash on top of such person head and be picking money And it has big repercussions like. E.g.. not live long. Suddenly death. .earing ghost voices anywhere you go. And some people's got mad immediately they did it. Because it's not compatible with his star......
 beware of wicked people they will told you that it's basiri ( good fortune ) or oshole ( wealth booster ) what u have to notice from their talk. It's to know how it will work for you. Once u detect how it will works. So try and run for your life....

 OSHOLE or AWURE NLA or  AKO AWURE or OSHOLE TUTU ( wealth booster) this is the best thing to do it has no repercussions and powerful than AWURE.. any OSHOLE it's require ANIMALS AND SOME LEAFS OR BARKS no human blood shed.. it's good for those who is looking for progress especially the person that has the particular job that is doing. Oshole can not drop money in front of you oo.. it's not a magic or miracle it will just boost you work and your progress.

 AWURE ALSO CALLED APEDE. ... Awure it's good it's also work for progress of anything human being is doing.. it's has no blood shed of HUMAN BEING or ANIMALS. It's only has some leafs , barks .. and anything that has no blood.. though some required Ants.insect..e.t.c no repercussions

 N:B... my advice for people's that is reading this blog. Is to be careful of all those uselss people that need you to run business. Everybody need money. Why can't he do it for himself.. so be careful thanks.....
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  1. Thank you very much sir
    I was planning to do it before i saw this vitAl information in this blog

  2. Ok o!so cld I get in touch wit u sir?

  3. How long does osole takes before it start working